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9 Stories. short stories about Sans and Flowey; please read the first chapter for details. (: Some fluff right there. Also, sorry for 'bad english'. Enjoy. For the sake of my sanity, there will be no lemons. Also, let's ignore the fact that Flowey is Asriel, and make Flowey female. Thank you!#hermitcraft #x reader #hermitcraft x reader #hermitshipping #fanfic. g0re-h0und. Follow. Hello it's been a while ( alas irl things really messed up everything + I had a whole thing with this account and me not being able to log into it at one point ) and unfortunately things keep getting worse for me so I'm sort of desperate for any help right ...

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Fanfiction. It's November 22, 1912. I'm but a small 13-year-old. It all began when my father was in debt to a couple of gangsters. instead of hurting him or me, they gave him a comprise. send me to a floating city in the sky to find a girl. the girl in question was unique, to say the least.Bad Puns. Slow Burn. Hurt/Comfort. Chara has a lot to deal with. When Frisk takes off up Mount Ebott, Chara is thrust into the unwanted role of cleaning up the aftermath. Unable to reach the outside world, life swiftly becomes more unpredictable and unstable with every passing day. People are depending on her now.Jan 9, 2017 · Food for the Soul (Sans X Reader) Sans X Reader After falling down into the Underground at only seven, Y/N was taken in by caretaker of the ruins, Toriel. After 12 years of staying in the ruins, a human child falls down. It is your job to escort them through the rest of the underground.

Chapter 1 (Rewrite) 9.8K 141. by Pinkamena205. You slowly open your eyes but you quickly shield them from the light looming over you. You groan in pain, your body felt so numb that almost like you couldn't move. Slowly you tried to get up, only to earn another pain in your back. "Gahh!"Through the Mountain: Flowey x Reader Ch1. In the distance was the mountain that you so wanted to discover. The rumors circulating the giant landmark didn't scare you. This was an adventure that needed to be had! Taking the climb one step at a time you felt determined to find out what was so ominous about it. It wasn't until you tripped and ...Reaper Sans X Reader. Sitting alone in the castle you waited as usual waiting for your father to call you for some stupid suitor to greet you and try to win your heart for marriage. Suddenly when you looked out the window you saw a black swarm of dust and suddenly a raven flew by your window. You gasped pulling your hair back as it approached ...Flowers and Souls (Flowey x Reader) 11 parts Ongoing . 11 parts. Ongoing. I have not seen any Flowey x readers at all lately so I decided to make one myself. I found the sto... Mr. Mafia And Mrs. CEO. 40 parts Ongoing Mature. 40 parts. Ongoing. Mature

Flowey x Reader Fanfiction. You have been in the underground for a while, living with Papyrus and Sans. All is well, except that you have to take care of Flowey. After a while of taking care of him, you realize that you have feelings for the little plant. Chapter 5Human omega flowey x reader. 2 pages October 18, 2018 shadow . Reader | Fanfiction Fantasy Romance. Hope u like it I'm bad at making stories t. Add to library 79 Discussion 44 Suggest tags. Determined (Sans x Reader) 52 pages August 17, 2017 Carolineisnotok .Jan 10, 2019 · Flowey (Undertale)/Reader; Reader; Sans (Undertale) Toriel (Undertale) Flowey (Undertale) Reader-Insert; flowey x reader; Spoilers - Undertale Pacifist Route; Slow Burn; Tsundere Flowey (Undertale) Summary. After getting fired from your job as a waitress you apply for a position as a live in nanny. ….

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Frisk is an easy enough kid to get along with, but their ever present (reluctantly) companion Flowey...he's another story. He's rude, grouchy, and mean …UnderTale] Flowey x Reader [Hush my Child..] 3 pages April 1, 2016 iiMushieMeekoii . Undertale | Reader Flowey | Fanfiction Romance Floweyxreader Undertaleflowey Hush Child. A Flowey x Reader story that I hope you like :> Add to library 7 Discussion Suggest tags. Hopelessly devoted to you (FloweyXReader high school)

1h 30m. Start reading. Forever_Peachie. Ongoing. My name is (y/n) (l/n) and I have no idea how I came here to the underground. No, really, I just woke up in a patch of flowers... Anyways, I've heard legends about monsters that live underground... They exist. But something about them is just...Action Fanfiction Friendship Chara Gaster Angst Ocs Sans Omega Flowey Pseudo Science Asriel Dremurr. An AU focusing on Sans. Sans messes up the battle between him and Chara, resulting in him being banished from the timeline. OC, but she has no romantic feelings for Sans. There is some violence and a good dose of angst.See a recent post on Tumblr from @kawia-renka about flowey x reader. Discover more posts about flowey x reader.

equibase mobile carryovers It's kinda just a One Shot that you would read for fun :3)) I pulled out my umbrella and walked outside. I let out a breath of hot air, and smiled as I saw it form into a gas. "Temmie, c'mon." I said and began to walk towards my destination. toyota 8fgu25 manualnoaa marine forecast sebastian to jupiter X. Sort. Default New Newly published Popular All time Relevance ... A Sadistic but yet Sweet little flower[Flowey/Asriel X Reader] ...Contains multiple one-shots, and occasionally two-shots. Male readers can request a character x male reader :) Underfell Sans x Female Reader. Smut or a Lemon *shrugs* might be a one shot (if no one wants more I guess) Mature. US!Sans x US!Papyrus : Sweet Love : 29.4K 377 11: Sweet Love : Updates Whenever o get a chance (Argh I love the cover gma deals and steals april 22 2023 Female Frisk Undertale male reader - Freeform. Flowey the Flower The small Golden Flower stares straight at you as its firmly planted in front of the door that leads to who you believe is Asgores. Pn - Your pets name. Remember these icons for when youre making a FNaF x Reader story.Flowey x Reader 4.9K 27 by LovelyBones97 Lemon warning I couldn't help but be curious. I couldn't help but adore the cute flower. Sure he might yell at me when I rub his petals or when I try to be nice but, I think eventually he will warm up to me. Sometimes they leave him in my room to take care of, and I forget. top 25 ncaaf scorescraigslist cats for freemiss spider's sunny patch friends characters Sans x Reader) Add to library 735 Discussion 238 Suggest tags. Feel Again [Flowey X Pacifist!Reader] 124 pages December 25, 2016 Kιerra . ... Another Choice (Flowey X Reader) 3 pages April 21, 2016 A Toxic Girl . Undertale | Reader Flowey | Fanfiction Romance Flower Love Choice Underground The Flower.Asriel x reader. Sans x reader. Papyrus x reader. Flowey x reader.....I think I can do it. Underfell Sans x reader. Underfell Papyrus x reader. Underswap Sans x reader. Maybe a Muffet x reader. And other ones! Just not ocs, sorry about that. Continue to next part. Add. New Reading List. Vote. pawn shops in madisonville kentucky Vine of Lies (Abusive!Flowey X Reader) **LEMON**. Wow, I thought to mysilf. III was a mownt ebot and was tall. So tall!! I climb to teh top and look down but. I trip then I fall and I'm falling!!! Ah!!"! I screm". Am on ground and oh good sum flow broke fall!Well, he hates everything in general. "Well, where do you suggest we go, your royal highness," You say with a smirk. Flowey blushes lightly. "I know that I am the … marlin model 60 squirrel stock valuecraigslist com jackson mssensualsunshine onlyfans See a recent post on Tumblr from @kawia-renka about flowey x reader. Discover more posts about flowey x reader.